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Faster, Better Biotech

  Link to GBiociences' BS4NM "The rAmylase Project" Kits

Click here for rAmylase Project Kits

G-Bioscience offers laboratory kits (The rAmylase Project kits) for a turn-key biotechnology laboratory curriculum.

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Bio-Link - Educating the Biotechnology Workforce.

Click here for pAmylase plasmid

G-Biosciences - official supplier of the plasmid pAMY for
Biotechnology: Science for the New Millennium, 2017
NOW…The best source of pAmylase plasmid for Ellyn's curriculum is G-Biosciences.


DNA products of all types for sale at the DNA Store.

Faster Better Media LLC

Faster, Simpler, Cooler, Sharper E;ectrophoresis in Your Own Gels.


The miniPCR DNA Discovery System.

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